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Orthopaedic & Sports Supports
Mobility & Orthopaedic Supports
All our sports supports, including our neoprene back support belts are made from fully breathable Stomatex ® material which balances the bodys heat, keeping joints and muscles warm whilst venting excess body heat. High elasticity to provide the right level of support. Expels perspiration through micro chambers to keep skin dry and comfortable. Non Absorbent material. Fully washable. Can be worn under or over clothing. Online ShopView all of our products in our online shop

Interface Products
Interface Products
Custom designed interface and value added products for a wide range of electronic and mechanical devices.

Nexus Europe supply a range of mobility & orthopaedic supports and interface products, such as Back Support Belts, Orthopaedic Sports Supports & Neoprene Accessories all of which are available to buy online in our online shop. For quick links to our products please click on the links below. To find out more about our products and sports injury supports, please contact us using the link at the top of the page.